0x soon with Coinbase available?


The rumor mill once again in connection with the Listing on Coinbase. Already Bitcoin Cash picked up strongly, as Coinbase announced that it will act in the future in the BCH. Now rumors of a 0x Listing made the rounds, of course, reacted accordingly.

Cryptocoin News: 0x soon with Coinbase available?

Nearly 15 percent pulled 0x (ZRX) at the start of the week and became the Top Performer of the still-young week. The rate increase goes back to a “ZRX-Wallet” that suddenly appeared in the tax report from Coinbase. Similar reports are found in the case of Coinbase, only to crypto coins, which are also traded on the platform, so that very quickly the rumor arose, 0x would be the next Altcoin that would include the Coinbase in the Listing.

Weeks ago the Cryptocoin exchange was to check if 0x would fit into their range. An official confirmation of the rumors, however, remained so far.


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