Again rumors to Ripple on Coinbase


Coinbase is a good indicator for price rises in the case of crypto coins. Whenever rumors about an Altcoin popping up that could be conducted in the future in the case of Coinbase, there is a price increase for the Coin. In the last few days, Ripple (XRP) benefited from these rumors.

Cryptocoin News: rumors to Ripple on Coinbase

On Tuesday, the XRP experienced a strong increase of slightly more than a quarter of his course, and reached values of about 50 cents per Coin. The small rally held the course up to now in this area, and was sparked by new rumors of a Coinbase-Listing of the XRP.

By the end of the year, the Ripple on Coinbase should be tradable and, therefore, the portfolio expansion to continue driving, the flushed earlier in the year, Ethereum Classic and, most recently, 0x to the Portfolio of the large Crypto-exchange.

Were not confirmed these rumors so far. And in the past, similar rumors turned out to be wrong.


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