Alliance advises to ban Bitcoin as illegal


The Alliance is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. She advises clients in the area of asset-building and Investment and called Bitcoin last at a price under $ 5,000 is still a “Buy”. The Alliance CEO now changed this opinion, and advises even to ban Bitcoin by the state.

Bitcoin News: Alliance advises to ban Bitcoin as illegal

Compared to the New York Times said Andreas Utermann, Chief Executive of Alliance that crypto assets to be banned should. Now about a year prolonged bear market eat up the savings of the investors – in person he is anyway surprised that so far no tougher regulations have been implemented.

In June of this year, Bitcoin was seen as a clear buy at the Allianz, which extended recently its Investment strategy to crypto coins. Now you want to know, of course, is nothing more and is crying out for government regulation.

What Utermann does not describe, however: How should Bitcoin be regulated by the state? The de-centralized Asset may not be directly regulated, what is in the first place, the reason many of the investors have entered into the BTC.


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