Alternative media more and more often, Bitcoin (out of necessity)


What would like to do in Bitcoin with the financial system, which managed the Internet in the media. Through the Internet, the transmission of information has been decentralized, especially the news landscape has changed massively in recent years and the “Alternative media” were created, which now put more and more on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin News: Alternative media more and more often, Bitcoin (out of necessity)

Two of the most prominent figures in the alternative media, Alex Jones, and his Infowars site, and the Briton Tommy Robinson. Both were banished in the course of the year several Social Media platforms before you PayPal turned off the juice. And both of them have therefore turned to Bitcoin as an alternative financing option.

Behind the decision, Jones, and Robinson to deny the use of PayPal’s for a political motive, since the two media is accused of characters “Hate Speech”.

You may be out of PayPal’s decision, and the two figures in the alternative media, where opinion is divided, so the development in both cases, however, demonstrates that Bitcoin has become the most important decentralised and independent financing ability. Jones can be Infowars-enterprises, through direct donations and sales in his Shop by means of Bitcoin afloat, and Robinson received within a few weeks of Bitcoin in the value of 26,000 US dollars donated (source).


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