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The Cloud-Computing giant Amazon Web Services in China, and the crypto-currency Qtum from Singapore have announced a few days ago that you want to connect with a co-operation important functions of the Blockchain technology with the Cloud. A big step for Qtum, which started as a Crowdfunding project, and slowly but with a real name in the Finance and business sector makes!

Addendum: QTUM, and Amazon’s AWS…

Crypto Cabinet (@Crypto-Cabinet) 18. October 2018

Qtum – A crypto currency, between Bitcoin and Ethereum

As a Qtum was founded, wanted the team of developers is a connection between the two largest crypto-currencies of the world and create a Hybrid of Bitcoin and Ethereum. In the case of Qtum are applications such as dApps in the foreground, while the trade Tokens of secondary importance. This is one of the reasons why the currency is currently in many brokers such as eToro [Insert internal eToro review page here] is not available. With the current developments could change this but soon. The Blockchain of Qtum has can be replicated by a so-called Account Abstraction Layer to the virtual machines.

With the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) can’t be as Smart Contracts and dApps implemented on the Bitcoin Blockchain, which works with Bitcoin itself. These functionalities are the reason for this is that Qtum as a Blockchain for economic applications may be present. So it is no wonder that are interested in big companies in an implementation of Qtum in their systems.

Partnerships with Qtum

Before the news about Amazon Web Services, stand Qtum for a partnership in the headlines of the crypto-News. Together with the canadian company ether party Smart Contracts Inc. Smart Contracts can be easily completed. Ether parties, the largest software project runs under the name “Rocket” and is a global marketplace for Initial Coin Offers. Thus, it should be for developers of new Blockchain-technologies easier to obtain Crowdfunding for financing for their projects. Through the new partnership with Amazon Web Services Qtum has made a big step in the future.

The industrial giant and the crypto currency want to work together to make Blockchain solutions for companies. As a User of Amazon Web Services should be able to in a simple, fast and cost-efficient way to Smart Contracts with the help of Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Simon Wang, Manager of business development, Amazon Web Services announced in an Email to CoinDesk that Qtum is the only Partner of the company, but also as part of the partner network. Thus, could arise also for more exciting partnerships.

SF QTUM partner With Amazon Web Services to Bring Blockchain-as-a-Service to AWS

— CoinCalc (@CoinCalc_) 18. October 2018

In the race of crypto-currencies

Qtum was founded in Singapore and was able to collect as a public Blockchain, a year ago, $ 1 Million from investors such as Anthony Di Iorio, the founder of OKCoin Star Xu, and the founder of BitFund Xiaolai Li, in order to realize the project. Meanwhile, it has made the crypto-currency under the Top 30 of block chains and could soon be used in many areas of the economy. And that could, in turn, a major impact on the course of Qtum . After the rates of the currencies on the crypto-exchanges are strongly affected by positive or negative messages, depend, could, already, the announcement of the partnership to an increased purchase of Qtum .

Through the partnership with Amazon Web Services Qtum and is currently in the spotlight of the crypto community. How the offer of the Blockchain technology is further developed, we will follow with excitement!


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