Art trade via Blockchain? Swiss company wants to implement it


So far is still not very clear where the boundaries for the use of currencies such as the Bitcoin. In particular, the use of the Blockchain plumbing companies are increasingly running out of options. Interesting: Many companies have their headquarters in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland. Re-use in the sector, the art trade is.

Little Switzerland remains a crypto-melting pot

As is often the case, it would be a Startup from Switzerland, would like to highlight the areas of use of the Blockchain to a new Level. The company 4artechnologies has taken on the task to develop site train in the Alpine Republic of Switzerland, from new ways of technology. Here, however, it will not be about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies of other type well-known to make. Instead, the company – nomen est omen would like to optimize the site, the trade in art by means of the digital possibilities. Actually, it comes to trading and cataloging of art on the Basis of the Blockchain.

Art sales by digital currency as a new investment path on the crypto market

This, in turn, could arouse even in the worst case, the interest of financial jugglers. Still, the company is unknown, this could change in the area of art trade, but as of next year. Because the options for cataloging, could pave the Blockchain is also the commercial trading new ways to bring art to the man/woman. The stated goal of more safety and easier handling of the sale of objects of art in the first place.So would be in the pure trading of Litecoin or Stellar once again, only an approach to crypto currencies to use.

Well-known investors, to pave the road to success

A Central concept in the context of the “digital fingerprint”. It seeks to simplify the assignment of works of art, elaborate examinations of the provenance of art to facilitate. The company as such exists since 2017. It is also conceivable supports the “incubation programme” of the provider’s “Crypto Valley Venture Capital” (CVVC) for the company. According to recent Reports, since the market start have been already collected funds in the amount of 18 million Swiss francs. The money was allegedly invested in both an increase in the number of employees, as well as the development of a mobile crypto App.


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