Austrian policy relies on Blockchain promotion in the medical sector


With a view on the States within Europe, where some of the innovations such as the ATM for the exchange of Fiat money in Bitcoins emerged, it is obvious, that Austria also with regard to the promotion of other Blockchain bets exemplary acts.

Smart Contracts and the Blockchain should support the fight against cancer

In the context of cancer research, the government reported in Austria now, to promote a company, which has written, among others, the research with the involvement of the Blockchain on the Flag. The government in Vienna had already announced several times, to distribute on a larger scale funding. In this case, it is the British research company “Lancor Scientific”, so the current state of knowledge in the media. The Blockchain, as well as the primarily from the Ethereum technologies, well-known Smart Contracts are in the course of the research for better and faster Screening. Entirely altruistic the promotion. The company plans namely apparently the opening of a laboratory in Graz, Austria, so that further jobs with the Blockchain-a reference to the Land.

Companies would like to offer the patient’s own Token

In addition, collaborations with different institutions of higher education are to be realized. Not only in the implementation of the cancer tests, but also in the subsequent recording, the Smart Contracts and the Blockchain should be able to help. Within five years, about 10,000 Screening to devices produced, which is ultimately a day approximately a half-a-million cancer tests can be made. For the Blockchain technology will arise to the company, a dedicated ERC 20-Token to get the name “Medici”. At the beginning of 2019, a ICO will be implemented in the act.

The Token, for example, allow patients to Pay for the Tests. Plans are also in discount models, if patients use the crypto-currency. Austria’s economy Ministry wants to subsidize five years, the said Blockchain project.


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