Beware of these two Bitcoin exchanges


Two Bitcoin exchanges were classified this week by the Austrian financial authority (FMA) as untrustworthy. In front of “Bitcoin Profit” and “Crypto Hedge Trading” is clearly warned, as both exchanges trade without a license from the FMA in Austria – German investors should be careful.

Bitcoin News: beware of these two Bitcoin exchanges

An investor warning about “Bitcoin Profit” yesterday, from the FMA and published (the source), the now not just in the crypto market is familiar with, but also for the national licensing of Crypto-exchanges in Austria is responsible. Previously, the FMA warned of a “Crypto Hedge Trading”, another Trading site for crypto coins.

Both Bitcoin exchanges are operating without a license of the FMA, although at least a Crypto Hedge Trading purports to have this. At first glance, the two exchanges look legitimate, nevertheless, investors should be with the providers carefully and better to resort to Alternatives. Crypto Hedge Trading operates under the URL and Bitcoin Profit


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