Binance added XRP as a base – pair price increase of 18%


In the last few weeks, especially in the last few days, there was within the XRP Community, according to strong discussions about whether and when to Binance the crypto-currency XRP as a Basis for trading will add a couple. How to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao confirmed now as a “Christmas gift”, is XRP introduced as the basis of some of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

The announcement follows an unwavering campaign of the Ripple and the XRP Community, the months of lobbying was and Zhao called on to lists of XRP as a pair of shoes in Exchange for a number of other crypto-currencies.

With the Hashtag #XRPthebase have the supporters of Ripple and XRP urged, Binance to convince, that you to Add XRP as a base-pair due to the speed of the digital Assets is an excellent solution for the crypto currency trading. They also say that the wide acceptance of XRP as the base could be the couple reduce the General dependence of the market from the price of Bitcoin.

The belief work seems to have paid off. Zhao tweeted what tokens will be paired with XRP. He will, however, be prioritized cryptocurrencies, many of which were donated to the charity Fund of Binance. Thus, it can probably be assumed that the leading crypto currencies are listed with XRP.

We will prioritize adding more pairs for the projects that have donated to our charity at this (even thought we never mentioned this during our fund raising efforts). Happy holidays!

CZ Binance (@cz_binance) December 24, 2018

As a result of this decision will change the user interface of Binance. Because there is “no space” in the Ether are renamed-pairs in “Alts”, which is likely to reduce the confusion of the user on the exchange.

Impact on the crypto market

XRP is currently the second largest Cryptocurrency by market capitalization, after Bitcoin. The “advantage” of Bitcoin with a market capitalization of 74.4 billion dollars and a Marktdomaninanz at around 51%, very significantly, in comparison to XRP , with a market capitalization of 17.3 billion dollars and 11.9%.

The XRP acceptance as the Base remains on the markets affects the stability, influence or trust in crypto-traders creates, to be seen. So far, there is still no exact date when Binance XRP as a base, few will implement.

As a result of the announcement XRP but at least today, the biggest winners of the last 24 hours. XRP has a price increase of around 18 percent (at the time of writing). Currently a XRP for 0,4373 USD is traded.


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