Bitcoin back to bullish is to overcome the Deep?


The year of 2018 saw an unprecedented crash of the Bitcoin price after 2017 raved about all of the digital Gold. This week, the leaf and Bitcoin turned, however, to put meanwhile, more than a third of the price is again above the mark of US $ 4,000 per BTC.

Bitcoin News: Bitcoin re-bullish – is to overcome the Deep?

Mike Novogratz is regarded as a Cryptocoin Enthusiast and already appeared more often with positive forecasts in the media. Last reported Novogratz again and announced the end of the bear market (Bloomberg).

The BTC price had risen this week, more than 1,000 US dollars, and thus many investors from the Depression of a lean year 2018 brought. Shortly before Christmas, Novogratz sees a price of up to 6,000 US dollars as possible – under 3,000 US dollars, he will not fall, in his opinion, definitely. In 2019, it will then go steeply upwards.

Against you have to hold, however, that the Novogratz had this year, no lucky with his predictions and permanently a bull-Run saw the.


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