Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – rate analysis KW42 – The thrust fizzles up


Finally The volatility is back – one would think. 15. In October, there was a distinct currencies upward movement in the case of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other Crypto. For the time being it is just a flash in the pan, because the Chance to create a sustainable, outbreak, was not used.

Bitcoin (BTC/USD)

After a course deep at 6,200 US Dollar movement in the Bitcoin price. The upward movement of the 15. October was clear and was in the top 20 percent rate increase. With this, the Bitcoin has surpassed the upper edge of the falling triangle. In the last analysis it was already mentioned that a breakthrough can lead you to the Bitcoin of the 8,000-US-Dollar-brand. The High was at 7,600 dollars. Anyone who has traded the breakthrough, “according to the manual”, could just implement 9 percent price gain. The bad news for all long-term investors: The breakout from the triangle could not be using the daily closing price to be confirmed. The volatility has decreased significantly, and the course is located in the upper part of the cloud of the Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator. After all, The moving averages are now providing a short-term Long Signal.

Bullish Version:

The quick upward movement was a foretaste of what may follow if the case is resolved at the end of the triangle is bullish. The Bitcoin consolidates the increase to the current level and reaches again the downward trend. The cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator is outbid. After the course concluded increases on the downward trend. They have also insisted on daily closing price Basis. The 8,000-US-Dollar-brand is once again in focus. This is not the best long-term impact are the objectives of the course:

  • 9.261 US Dollar
  • 9.726 US Dollar
  • 11.540 US Dollar
  • Bearish Version:

    The significant price increase was a steep template for an outbreak. If this outbreak does not occur, the rate is already negative. The downward trend is not broken on closing price Basis. The bottom is now on the run. In the short term, 6.200 US Dollar set the course. A slide including the Bitcoin again in the 6,000-Dollar range. A relapse under the 5.877 US $ satisfies the condition for the downside scenario and the following course objectives:

  • 5.428 US Dollar
  • 4.872 US $
  • 3.929 US Dollar
  • 3,300 US dollars
  • Ethereum (ETH/USD)

    Again the Ethereum course the area around the US $ 180 tested. As is so often mentioned: as Long as no breakage of the 167 US-Dollar, can you hold on to a short-term Long Setup. Who has acted in this way, could realize up to 28 percent of profit. Another interesting Detail: The quick upward movement of bounced right at the resistance area. The High was US $ 242, the lower edge of the resistance range extends at 241 US dollars. The cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator is a whopping 28 percent. Here Ethereum must. The moving averages begin to position themselves in the short term, Long. The confirmation of this is yet to come.

    Bullish Version:

    The 167 US dollars. The Ethereum-price closes above this level, a short-term bottom formation. The moving averages to solidify the short-term, Long-Signal. Ethereum can be re-encroachment in the area 241 to 263 dollars. Thus, the course is also in the midst of the cloud of the Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator. An increase of about 263 U.S. dollars triggers an upward potential of up to 338 USD. The return does not stop here and also the 366 US overcome dollars, the 405 dollars. Course complete increases about 471 U.S. dollars animals, the soil and the formation of large purchase trigger signal with a target 624 to the U.S. Dollar.

    Bearish Version:

    The re-crash at the resistance area is a warning sign. The short-term, yet not quite a full Long Signal by means of the moving averages will be negated. An increase of about 263 U.S. dollars will not be concluded. The reverse in the downward trend is completed and Ethereum breaks through on the bottom of the short-term bottom in the US $ 180. Quotations of 167 dollars to unlock the downside target of US $ 129.


    The XRP price has the above-mentioned area to the bottom left. The lower edge of which was $ 0.43. The short-term sell-signal brought in almost 13 percent of profit. Since the Reach of 0,38 U.S. dollars, an upward movement is running. This is not the parent of trust, but so far, not too much, because you found directly to the old upward trend is a hurdle. In addition, due to the sliding, the sale of signal averages at $ 0.49 is still active. The course is currently directly on the seemingly non-existent cloud of the Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator.

    Bullish Version:

    In the start-up of 0.38 US Dollar on a stable support in the short-term upward trend is seen. In the best case, this will not be undercut. The price reached again the upward trend that has yet further increases in the price undercutting. Exceeding the upward trend is associated currently with the break of the downward trend. The objective of the course is 0.67 US Dollar. The larger the purchase signal with the objectives of:

  • 0.89 US Dollar
  • 1.15 US dollars
  • US $ 1.37
  • is enabled, with rate increases of about $ 0.75.

    Bearish Version:

    The reached upward trend shows the way. Ripple does not have the strength to overcome this. A further case of 0.38 US Dollar negated the on 18. September launched a short-term upward movement. The logical objective of the course is then up to the outbreak level, which is located at $ 0.31. Not enough of a correction to the following downside targets:

  • $ 0.24
  • $ 0.15
  • Conclusion:

    Which, by the rumors to Tether on the 15. October started – quick upward movement of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP once again shows how important it is, the parent unit of time in the view to have. Very good short-term gains could be realized. But from a trader point of view. For the long-term investor has changed nothing for the time being. The fulfilment of further conditions and, therefore, greater buying signals. One more reason to the Trading in the crypto-market. The parent is still the case at the end of the triangle in the Bitcoin active. Here’s the next in the direction of decision-making traps that can accompany us over several months.

    Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

    Images on the Basis of data from and at 11:41 PM on may 17. October created. USD/EUR exchange rate at the time of writing: 0.86 Euro.

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