Bitcoin exchange Bakkt receives prominent enhancement


It’s official: The New York-based crypto-exchange Bakkt gets a new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Adam White, Coinbase Veteran is now for the operations of Bakkt responsible.

Already since last week were the exchange of rumors to Adam White, the Vice-President of the Bitcoin exchange Coinbase. Now it’s official: White brings his Expertise starting in November at the New York-based Trading platform Bakkt. Fair announced Bakkt-Boss Kelly Loeffler on 15. October on the Medium.

“As a visionary and strong entrepreneurial Adam is a much-anticipated addition to our busy team,”

so Loeffler in the announcement.

Previously, White was with Coinbase for institutional investment. Compared to the U.S. business magazine Fortune said White:

“I was able to observe in the last years of the first row from the opinions of financial managers and other big investors about crypto-currencies and more developed.”

In 2017, he observed a sudden increase in interest of institutional investors in Bitcoin & co. However, the previous crypto would not have been sufficient-trading places the needs of most large-scale investors, which is why this observed so far, the market is still from the “field edge”.

Bitcoin Futures lures Wall Street fish

With his move to Bakkt White wants to involve the institutional investors in the “game”. The chances are good that he succeeds. Finally, Bakkt as a subsidiary of the stock exchange operator Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), for example, with the New York Stock Exchange, a prominent sister with a direct wire to Wall Street. ICE have already operated in the early 2000s, a pioneer in the then-highly fragmented, with the energy sector and to a highly liquid market, so the CEO Loeffler Bakkt-to Fortune. The current Situation in the crypto market, with the energy sector of the 2000s was comparable. Loeffler:

“We are experiencing a Revolution in the same order of magnitude in the case of the crypto-currencies.”

For starters, would like to Bakkt the big Wall Street fish in the process, first physically-backed Bitcoin Futures in the crypto-market lure. By avoiding Leverage and Margin Trading the market is to be guaranteed integrity. The stock exchange is planning to first do a test phase for the Bitcoin Futures for November. In December, to begin, according to Loeffler, the Trading operation, provided there are no objections on the part of the relevant Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC.



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