Bitcoin exchange Cashierest indicted in Korea


Bitcoin exchange needs to answer: As ZDNet Korea reports, was filed by the law firm of Aone on Friday, may 5. October 2018, at the district court in Seoul filed a lawsuit against the Bitcoin Exchange Cashierest . It accuses the company, among other things, to have the output of one’s own Token, and the calculation of the transaction fees, not Korean law.

The Bitcoin exchange Cashierest from Korea must answer now before the court. The in-house CAP-a Token of the Korean Online trading platform the dividend was paid out to the own customers. Lawyer Kim Dong-joo of the Seoul law firm Aone expressed to the press. He considers that it is illegal, as Cashierest has granted its customers discounts in the calculation of the transaction fees. The stock market for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies Cashierest advertised so that all of the owners of the CAP-Token exchange have been able to save fees by granted discounts depending on the number of purchased or in the Wallet of the existing Token.

The firm is also believed to the Newlink co. Ltd. is said to have manipulated the price of the tokens for their own advantage. The lawsuit with the Seoul district court to have submitted to the restoration of a fair and healthy financial market, said Dong-joo. The Newlink co. Ltd., is also accused of, you have reduced the quantity of tokens artificially in order to drive the price upwards. Both the Emission as well as with the trading of tokens Cashierest had acted illegally. A price formation on the Basis of supply and demand under these circumstances was impossible, the lawyer of the plaintiff.

Cashierest: Be accused of next Bithumb, Coinbit and Coinzest?

According to the media, the law firm Aone is currently preparing further action against Bitcoin exchanges. Specifically, you want to similar writs against the Korean crypto-Exchanges Bithumb, Coinbit and Coinzest legal action.

By the way, this was apparently not the first irregularity that had to be responsible for the Newlink co. Ltd. in the last few months. In April of this year reported that it was due to a bug in the Frontend of the trading venue Cashierest to an embarrassing incident. A number of customers, it was possible that uncontrolled amounts of Coins to withdraw. The users were able to refer to your Wallet up to five Times more Coins than they had previously possessed.



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