‘Bitcoin Jesus’ and the CEO of Bitcoin.com wants to open own Exchange


Roger Ver is considered Bitcoin Investor of the first hour and as a strong supporter of the ‘original’ Bitcoin. He has now announced to want to have a separate Exchange open, which will lead to as the base currency Bitcoin Cash.

The founder and CEO of Bitcoin.com Roger Ver, has told Bloomberg in an Interview that he wants to promptly start a own crypto-currency stock exchange. He called no names, and not includes also to withdraw from the project “in-house” high (freely translated):

If we build it ourselves, we can it is really, really cheap to make, and we get exactly what we want. But we don’t have the security of a battle-tested stock market, which has existed for a while

Ver was also covered, which digital currencies will be on the Exchange available. However, he said that Bitcoin Cash as the base currency.

The Exchange should be integrated into the existing website bitcoin.com so every day, several thousand users come into contact with the new platform. As a result, it should be possible to build within a very short time a large customer base.

According to the data of similarweb.com the page counts 3.6 million visitors each month, so the Start may well succeed quickly and smoothly, without other external marketing activities will be necessary.

With Bitcoin, Cash at Walmart, Safeway, and other retailers pay

The next big step for the mass adaption of Bitcoin Cash is the Integration of the BCH-Wallets , allowing users of the Wallets of Bitcoin.com in the case of retailers like Walmart, Safeway or Homedepot pay.

Users will even receive a 1% discount if you use this payment method to buy their Goods in the Stores of the largest retailers in the United States.

This step could contribute significantly to a proliferation of BCH. Walmart is one weekly 270 million customers, where Home Depot has handled within the last 4 months, more than 380 million customer transactions.

We are curious whether this will have an impact on the price of Bitcoin Cash . The price of the BCH falls within the last 24 to -1,90% to a price of 442,55 Euro.


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