Bitcoin Mining uses mainly renewable energy


The Central banking system is not a big fan of Bitcoin, so that is always trying to draw in the media landscape have a bad image of the BTC. Bitcoin is used by Criminals, the BTC price will soon sink to zero and Bitcoin Mining consumes too much electricity.

Bitcoin News: Bitcoin Mining uses mainly renewable energy

That only Criminals use Bitcoin, can be seen as fiction. In fact, the US Dollar is the currency most commonly used by Criminals to politicians and Central bankers of the US Dollar ban?

The scaremongering about the BTC price is purely artificial. The BTC is highly volatile if we invest in the short term, but in the long term, Bitcoin has currently a better Return than the Amazon stock.

And also the negative messages of the Bitcoin Mining and its energy waste are exaggerated. So was recently a report out that about 77.6 percent of the electricity used for Bitcoin Mining is used, through the use of renewable energies will be provided (source).


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