Bitcoin price drop continues – Should we sell our Bitcoin now?


The year 2018 has been bitter for Bitcoin investors. Jealous we look back on the Bullenrun of last year, which ended in a peak of about 20,000 US dollars. Now a BTC is less than $ 4,500 in value, so it is time to sell the own Bitcoin?

Bitcoin News: Bitcoin price drop continues – Should we sell our Bitcoin now?

The Trend in Spite of there are many reasons that speak for an Investment in Bitcoin. There has never been more Wallets, more users and more developments in the field of crypto coins. Crypto exchanges are constantly growing and the technology is every day more secure.

However, the current Trend is clearly down. Bitcoin has so far had his limit of 6,000 US dollars per BTC in 2018 not under the steps, was this broken in the last few days – where to find the new lower limit is, can hardly be predicted.

For short-term gains, Bitcoin seems to be, therefore, currently not a good Investment, even if market experts continue to expect an approaching Bullenrun. Long-term investors should, however, course, waste, finally, they allow for a cheaper purchase of the Bitcoin, will rise, in your opinion, in the long term, definitely again in the course.


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