Bitcoin price falls, Bitfinex blocked Fiat deposits


After Bitcoin and all the Altcoins in the night from 10. on the 11. October had fallen, has blocked the Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex short-hand of all Fiat deposits. This may be a coincidence, but throws in the face of events lately, not a good light on the Exchange.

Bitcoin-Trader could buy think, given the current If the Bitcoin-price: Quick Dip before it goes back up. This may not be possible, however, with Bitfinex.

Because, as The Block is reported, you can there since this Morning, no deposits with Fiat currencies:

This, in turn, means that you – if you have no Fiat reserves on the Exchange, no crypto-currencies can be bought on the stock exchange. This may be a coincidence. It raises, however, looking back on the events at the Exchange in a positive light on the stock market.

Like BTC-ECHO extensively reported, came in at the last time, the suspicion that Bitfinex goes bankrupt, or is already. Add to that the moderators censor on Reddit more and more. (Detail is here).

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex censored more

Since our last report, complaints from users came increasingly to the moderator team deleted generous. Here is a selection:

The first of the deleted Posts leads to this Twitter Post:

BREAKING: Bitfinex suspends all fiat deposits. USD deposits are no longer possible through HSBC. Bitfinex “expects the situation to normalize within a week”

— Larry Cermak (@lawmaster) October 11, 2018

Of these reports, ultimately, that of all Fiat deposits are blocked on Bitfinex currently. The other entries revolve around problems that occur in the case of BitFinex.

In addition, some entries have been deleted on the platform Medium. The Statement from BitFinex, you are not insolvent. On the other are those Posts of the user “proof of research”, of the doubted the stock exchange is open.

Another deleted message casts doubt on the credibility of the Bitcoin exchange volume. This mentioned that there is a greater amount of Tether from the stock market deducted a message, which is also used in other reports is that we are but so far unable to confirm. This should go to the state the amount of 110 million Tether.


Admittedly, so Far we are moving here on a very speculative ground. Safe to prove the allegations not to BitFinex so far. A good figure is the Exchange, however, in any case. The Bitcoin stock market device right now into that kind of trouble, for customers with a bad Timing. Add to this the high level of censorship advent, is not a model of conflict resolution.



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