Bitfinex Has Problems? Crypto-stock exchange paused Fiat transactions


One of the largest Crypto stock exchanges has currently paused deposits with Fiat currencies. It is officially called, the transaction problems should be resolved within a week. What’s behind it?

Cryptocoin News: Bitfinex Problems? Crypto-stock exchange paused Fiat transactions

Currently it is not possible for the Euro, the US Dollar, the Yen and the British pound at Bitfinex Deposit, payouts, are not yet affected. The interruption of this service should only be in the short term, and within a week be repealed.

It is believed that Noble Bank is a Partner of Bitfinex in financial difficulties. Bitfinex even announced that the difficulties of the Bank will not interfere with the ongoing operations of the exchange, however, it is assumed that also the stock market itself could have financial problems.

Bitfinex has denied such rumors in the past. A flight of capital on the Basis of this rumor is likely to damage the stock exchange massively. Also affected by a possible bankruptcy of the Noble Bank will also be tethered, because of the Cryptocoin is also a close Partner of the Bank.


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