Bitfinex presents a new System for deposits


The great crypto exchange Bitfinex has fallen last week in the headlines, because deposits have been frozen since Thursday. Today Bitfinex presented a new Deposit system, which is the General Account Freeze could have found his end.

Cryptocoin News: Bitfinex presents a new System for deposits

Rumor had it, was one of the partner banks of Bitfinex get into trouble, so that the liquidity could not be ensured on the stock exchange. Bitfinex denied these rumors, however, the rate of the Tether-Coins broke, which is also a Partner of the addressed Bank.

Published today Bitfinex Details to a new System for deposits (source). In this System, payments are checked manually, and only after about 48 hours unlocked. Overall, it takes between 6 and 10 days, until the money deposited in the Bitfinex Account available. The minimum amount for a Deposit is still $ 10,000, a fee of 0.1 percent of the Deposit amount.


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