Bitmain releases Bitcoin Cash Developer Team


Bitcoin Cash was one of the biggest winners in the small-Christmas-rally. Now, of course, but it collapsed within 24 hours by 20 percent. The Mining company Bitmain put a long time on the BCH, and repent of this now with another thick quarter loss as a response, the Bitcoin Cash Developer was dismissed from the Team.

Bitcoin News: Bitmain releases Bitcoin Cash Developer Team

In Q3 Bitmain lost over 700 million dollars and there are rumors doing the rounds that the Mining company could even stand in front of the complete. The complete BCH Team has already been released, since this year, problems with the Altcoin emerged – so there was a Hash Was and the long bear market in 2018. In addition, Bitmain has been sued Recently. The company was accused of manipulating that BCH-Network.

Overall, it is assumed that Bitmain must dismiss half of its workforce, to be able to continue. And thus, the company joins in a list of Cryptocoin companies that are advised by the significant price drop in the entire crypto market this year in financial difficulties.


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