announces support of Airdrops


The world’s largest Wallet Provider is planning the Launch of a Airdrop-extension. Token-the developer must in the future be able to reach the nearly 30 million Wallets for Airdrops. This, the company announced in a recently published White Paper.

Airdrops are an effective means for the Distribution of new tokens. Without users to buy the new Coins, mines, or otherwise, any effort will need to be supplied by the publisher with Free Token. What initially sounds like quite a number of air, for a good reason: Token-based networks are built on a certain size of the Network. That is, a Benefit is obtained only with a sufficient number of users. Airdrops are therefore a convenient method to achieve the necessary Distribution of the Token. In the White Paper it says:

“Airdrops are good for those who want to let their token-based networks to thrive. Airdrops can demoralize these networks quickly and effectively, discreetly, and their usability by network effects.”

Active Monitoring by

Offers Wallet the rain-holder on a real Money? Tend not. The company aims to provide active Monitoring of the Airdrops and promotes high quality standards in the implementation. For the program can qualify, therefore, only those projects, which are designed as follows:

  • The Airdrop should be directly to the recipients addressed.
  • It should be aimed at a wide User-Base.
  • The distribution should be free and fair.
  • The focus should be on the purpose of the Token and not on the price increase.
  • Airdrops do not imply use

    As a preliminary it is necessary to invest, mountains Airdrops for the users first, no financial risks. Whether the projects ever, a concrete Benefit is uncertain.

    Free Money” actually sounds not bad. Airdrops are but one thing: A clever PR stunt. Because the underlying calculus is to produce in addition to the decentralization of the network, simply attention.

    Whether the Wallet user in the future, a flood of useless tokens are exposed or not, mainly depends on the Moderation and in the company.



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