Brick block: New partnerships with the Solaris Bank and JTC


The Berlin-based Blockchain-companies brick block announced two new strategic partnerships. So you want to work together in the future in close coordination with the Solaris Bank for its activity in the crypto industry. In addition, the brick block was able to win the financial services provider JTC for a partnership.

For the Berlin-based Blockchain-Start-up brick block, the arrow still shows up. A few weeks ago, reported to BTC-ECHO through the company’s partnership with the investment firm peakside Capital. Now brick block, whose business field is the tokenization of property sets, with two new partnerships.

Solaris Bank: banking license in the crypto area

The Solaris Bank is a German Fintech company with a full banking license and is specialized in the provision of infrastructure for companies in the Blockchain and crypto sector. So it creates a technological and regulatory bridge between the Banking and the Blockchain world. Since a short time, is cooperating with the Solaris Bank also Bitwala to the creation of the first German Blockchain account.

Now, therefore, the cooperation with brick block. Together we would like to digitize the clearance process for Investing. This process includes compliance with Anti-money laundering and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) guidelines. Investors who want to participate in the brick block offered Assets that are required, the necessary information. The Solaris Bank takes care of in the further course of regulatory Compliance. The identification can be carried out online and according to the information given by the company not more than half an hour.

“By automating our processes through the Solaris Bank, we are able to offer our clients an institutional AML / KYC services, Compliance at the highest level”,

so brick block-founder Jakob Drzazga.

Together with the JTC Group real estate on the Blockchain bring

The same time, brick block, announced the Start of a second partnership. Therefore, you want to make, together with the asset Manager JTC Group’s Investments in real estate possible. JTC has Expertise in the management of traditional and alternative asset classes, with a particular focus on real estate. The total assets under management amounts to more than US $ 100 million.

In the coming weeks, will be offered with the assistance of the JTC is the first property on the Blockchain. About Hillview Homes in the United kingdoms-based property Holt Hill. Brick, block, Blockchain-service should make it easier with low fees, faster processing, and virtually no spatial limitations on the Investment in this property significantly.




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