CDU Hamburg would like to start ICO for its own currency


It is, of all things, the more conservative CDU, which is now in Hamburg, with a proposal to a own crypto-currency, is probably something of a surprise. Nevertheless, the party wants to bring in the Elbe a so-called Hamburg Coin at the Start.

Hamburg is the first Coin Issuer in Germany?

In Germany, the implementation of the Plan would be quite a novelty, while cities in other States already have activities of this nature. Is right: The Christian Democrats in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, have, in fact, an application of citizenship, such as a report of the evening sheet. Why Bitcoin, Litecoin and other Coins “competitors” to make wants known. You want to the Blockchain as a technology in the framework of the programme “innovation metropolis Hamburg” is still faster than in the past. The project at the same time refers to the fact that the CDU wants to promote, increasingly, for regulatory purposes, gefragtere technology “Distributed Ledger. The aim is to improve the networking of various computer.

Hope to effect in the media and to be a Pioneer of Hamburg

There are two arguments for the implementation. On the one hand, the approach, the creation of common databases is considered to be little prone to manipulations and attacks by hackers. Would be achieved through the renunciation of a Central Server Format in the computer communication. In addition, CDU aims according to the current opinion, to have a positive effect in terms of Marketing the city. Your own local crypto currency is to bring in Hamburg an even stronger position as the Standard for innovative technologies. Quite unusual is the requirement, because more and more often to accept a service provider in the city of payments with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, if customers on your own Wallet . As expected, the ejected Coin-lot should be equipped with a Limit. Also a local limitation, it is planned.

Financial authority is in the Plan as critical

In addition to authorities could benefit in the end including logistics companies. As a priority, but the CDU wants to modernize is probably typical of administrative services and simplify. Thus, citizens could pay for soon, the new driver’s license and other things with the Hamburg Coin. The starting point for the realization is supposed to be a new digitization Advisory Board, is also a “Blockchain Campus” to create the CDU. The Hamburg financial authority is initially reserved and skeptical – not only because of the high energy expenditure in the development of the system. Must agree to now not least, the SPD, so that in the near future, in the economic Committee about the pros and Cons can be discussed.


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