Coinbase gives 0x (ZRX) strong price growth


The equation is often surprisingly simple: Good news, good rate, and Vice versa. This is true not only for the traditional exchanges, but also – and especially – for the crypto-field. In addition to news from the regulatory front, it is the announcements from Bitcoin exchanges, to want this or that crypto-currency (de -) lists, the stronger price movements cause. The most recent example of this is the ZRX-Token 0x-Protocol, since the age of 16. October can be traded on crypto-exchange Coinbase.

As Coinbase last week, the ZRX-Listing CoinbasePro announced, came to the course already flowing and put on 11. October, a rate of 0.67 US $ 0.87 US Dollar – less than 30 percent.

This level could not keep the ZRX-Token first – between the 12. and 16. October was the ZRX-rate of 0.80 to the US Dollar mark, but without the $ 0.70 to fall below.

Barely a week after the CoinbasePro Listing ZRX can look forward to once again using a significant price increase. The reason for this is The Token of the 0x-Protocol can now be traded on Coinbases main platform. This means that the Token can now be purchased via the Coinbase App for iOS and Android. This is the crypto-stock exchange on 16. October on your Medium Blog.

Of course, promptly responded with an increase of $ 0.75 to about $ 1.07 – about 30 percent. First profit taking led the ZRX-course to 0.80 US dollars. Currently, the ZRX scratch the brand of 0.95 US Dollar. Thus, the 24-hours-Plus around 28 percent. Also, the week-over-week with a Plus of almost 30 percent.

The first ERC-20-tokens at Coinbase

0x can therefore look back on a successful month – 30 days, the ZRX-rate hovering around just over 0.5 US Dollar. Thus, the Token could grow in spite of the bear market is over 75 percent.

The 0x-log has taken on the task to allow for decentralized trading on the Ethereum block Chain. With a market capitalization of currently around 500 million US dollars to the Protocol’s own ZRX-Token currencies to the 25 largest Crypto. ZRX is also the first ERC-20-Token on Coinbase.



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