Criminals with crypto-Mining, increasingly, data centers lame


A number of occasions we have reported here, that Malware is increasingly used for private calculator to the Problem. The new messages from the environment of the prestigious Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory show that universities and other large data centers are attacked in the case of companies enhanced by cyber criminals.

Also, and especially, universities report incidents

The Dilemma for private computer users: they often do not realize that they are victims of hackers and their Malware and other hidden programs. The ZDF, among others, reported to be fully up to date on information from administrators and so-called digital forensic specialists, the speak of assaults and abuse over the data centers of several major universities in the United States. The facilities, but also companies are stolen from the outside parts of the computing services. The perpetrators take advantage of the capacity for the Mining of Bitcoíns and other digital currencies.

Security-related centres can be affected

According to a specialist for IT security at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the effects are sometimes dramatic. Not enough, that the efficiency of the used super-computers, are suffering from the foreign use. In addition, it may be too technical of a total failure or error data in important studies and analyses. Since many universities make an important development for the economy, the consequences in case of an emergency to be seen. Especially in regard to data security and the use of Computers in critical technologies – for example, in road traffic or in the military context.

Better controls, in order to protect systems

The external attacks, the experts explain that the required computing performance and the energy consumption during Mining. The lack of computing power aside, the foreign-led used for Mining for extremely expensive graphics processes, a high level of stress. Here, too, lack the capacity, for the Mining of Bitcoins to be used by persons not directly related to crypto-currencies such as Ripple or Monero speculate, but money with the said Mining earn. Industry experts are now calling for stricter safety standards for major data centers, not only at universities. Even if local computer is not a security risk in the strict sense: here, Too, experts advise more and more often to the specific security programs to unrecognized Mining-exclude uses.


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