Crypto City To Be Built In Nevada Desert


Crypto City To Be Built In Nevada Desert


We live in a world that is constantly evolving and changing, especially where technology is concerned. One of the most intriguing and exciting things around right now is blockchain technology, which most people will know as being what powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Blockchain has already proven it can have an impact in other industries too, and now the lawyer and crypto millionaire Jeffrey Berns is set to put this to the test.

Berns, who has purchased a huge 67,000-acre plot in the Nevada desert is looking to create what he describes as an “experimental community” powered by technology. Berns’ Blockchains LLC company has worked alongside Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects and Tom Wiscombe Architecture to design what they call “Innovation Park” which is going to be “developed into a smart city with decentralised Blockchain underlying all infrastructure” in what is the biggest blockchain experiment to date.

The plan is for the smart city to see housing, schools and businesses take advantage of the latest up and coming technologies. Working to strict principles such as sustainability, efficiency and transparency, there will be autonomous vehicles in operation which move throughout the array of buildings in the city, with a focus on a human-centric pedestrian experience important too.

There will be a range of housing options available for people wishing to live in the smart city. There will be places for individuals, couples and families, with different locations which include homes on the hillside to more centrally located properties. As you’d expect, homes will be powered by solar and wind using the latest technologies. There will also be a focus on ensuring that every drop of water is recycled and reclaimed, with nothing at all going to waste in the world’s first ever crypto city.

Berns, then man behind the development, is said to have made a fortune by investing in cryptocurrency Ethereum back in 2015. So, in many ways, he sees this as a way to give a bit back to the cryptocurrency community, leaving his mark on the world by creating the smart city. He’s already reportedly invested around $300 million of his personal wealth into turning his dream into a reality, and now we all will wait in anticipation for him to implement his plans and for the work to get underway out in the Nevada desert.

With projects planned that include combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, an eSports arena and a venue to create movies, games and music, it’s easy to see why people are already excited at what’s to come from Berns and co. The city will also have the usual creature comforts like fast food joints like Popeyes alongside Michelin star restaurants; as well as maybe mobile casino brands like mFortune, together with the Golden Gate casino. One thing is certain, it’s a huge experiment that could change the world forever, if it goes as planned, with Berns fully committed to doing everything it takes.

Berns has also taken the step of agreeing a deal to work together with NV Energy who supply Nevada with electricity. This will see them come together on projects to see how blockchain technology can be beneficial in the sector, which will go on to pay dividends for the smart city in terms of beings sustainable and efficient.


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