Dash Core Group: in Spite of crypto-Crash no risk for Shutdown


In the crypto bear market situation in the year 2018 has Dash Core Group (DCG), the consortium behind the Altcoin DASH, on a public stage, seemingly silent, with a Zero-reaching dissemination of news about the once-popular project.

In the year 2018, experienced in the crypto-market in an unprecedented slump, with Altcoins particularly affected. The steady decline is remarkable in several respects, including the persistence, duration, as well as the absolute and relative magnitude of the price declines. Only a few have seen the Severity of the Market downturn in advance.

In the recently published contribution of the media, said Ryan Taylor, CEO of DCG, that his Startup “sustainable” and the Crash to survive. In the article, Taylor gave a context for the recent collapse of crypto, and referred to the Bitcoin Cash-debacle (he called it “FUD”) as an important factor. Furthermore, he wrote:

There are many causes for the dramatic Erosion of the markets, including the Overstretching of 2017, the non-fulfilment of the adoption, expectations and the rampant scams that pervade the market.

Taylor also noted that there are some crypto-companies and do not give the same time to be quiet, before he added that his company falls into this category.

There is no doubt that the Severity of the financial losses will accelerate the demise of many ill-conceived projects – those with weak business models, questionable market value, of illicit origin, eroding financial resources, or nefarious intentions. We have already heard of ETCDEV and Steem.

Taylor explained that the DCG “runs the risk, in the foreseeable future to switch off”, and that she has no fear, to dismiss a considerable number of employees, as they have built up a “significant buffer”.

Taylor also pointed to a number of developments, including the boom end of the DASH Wallet Download statistics, a strong trading volumes, and a recently successful network stress test. In view of the prominent crypto-currency, lawyer, in his comments to this topic wrote:

The most frustrating in the current market is that the Dash-network by most of the other measures successfully. The February metrics were solid. The Downloads of Wallets reached a level not seen since the second quarter. The use of PrivateSend has reached a new record. The volume of trade is above the average for the last 12 months. The acceptance of the dealers is at an all time high.


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