Ethereum is planning a “secret” Upgrade in order to improve scalability


According to Reports about a secret Meeting between the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and a selected group of developers at the recent Devcon-4-conference in Prague Ethereum is planning a “secret” Upgrade in order to improve scalability. At the heart of the secret meeting to the debate on a “previously unpublished Upgrade the capabilities of the technology in the short term, a more aggressive increase could be”, as CoinDesk reported.

One of the engineers of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Greg Colvin, published an internal document from the DevCon 4 on GibHub, the protocols, and discussions about a possible earlier technical Upgrade for the Ethereum network – called “Ethereum 1x”, which is a “sense of urgency” gives and in about six months to go live. The Upgrade could replace the Virtual Machine (EVM) of Ethereum, the key code that gives developers the possibility of Smart Contracts.

The proposal is still in its infancy, so that the developer wanted to go with him to the Public. Three groups of developers are currently cost-but already active in the Code, where a group is focused “on the establishment of a new mechanism for the execution of Smart Contracts (which will replace the virtual machine from Ethereum), another group on the discussion about Changes to the Smart Contract and the other on the Simulation and the comparison of such Changes”.

As the Github Posts, has triggered the “secret” Upgrade, but also a debate about the transparency of the Ethereum developers. The Release Manager for the Parity Ethereum Client, Afri Schoedon, already in recent months by criticism of the Ethereum development policy attention, said, “be transparent, and maybe with a public announcement should start”. The developers should have stressed at the Meeting how important it is to work private, faster about changes to the vote. Buterin, who is pushing for the greatest possible transparency, to have stated that he say “call uncomfortable with institutional, Private and absolutely against private forums”.


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