Ethereum Killer TRON soon worldwide in stores available thanks to Poppy


TRON is making great progress in the development of his project, so it wants but one day to the arch-enemy of Ethereum . A new payment system to enable timely traders worldwide to trade TRON (TRX), as well as other Tokens.

The TRON-payment platform is to be called “Poppy” and Cloud based Android Point of Sale Software Clover run, which already forms of payment such as Visa and Mastercard. Clover users the download the Poppy App, you can trade in the TRX and other tokens.

Poppy will accept payments with TRONCards that look like a normal credit card. The TRONCard directly with a TRON Wallet and all the transactions over a user-selected Wallet to handle.

Poppy is developed by SesameSeed, a Crowdsourcing-based DApp-Accelerator on TRON base, with the help of the other DApps by the cumminty voting system financing.

Poppy explains that there are only a few digital currencies with regard to the adaptation of a comparable level, such as state-legal Fiat currencies (freely translated):

Since its development, the ability to for everyday purchases quickly and easily pay currencies, the goal of many Crypto. To date, there are a few, which it is able to act freely in the world. Traders and retailers are not able to accept crypto-currency payments in the Store or online.

Poppy was developed in order to solve this Problem by bridging both crypto and Fiat, payments, and TRX – and other TRON-Token with additional support for Visa, MasterCard and cash uses and a wide range of functionality with respect to its payment and redemption platform provides. With the innovative use of Clover POS, TRON Blockchain, TronCard and Seedit Poppy offers dealers and retailers the freedom to crypto-currency transactions quickly and efficiently worldwide and online.

The project is currently trying to reach a follow-up financing in the amount of one quarter of a Million dollars, by gathering money from Sesamseed and the TRON Community. This Video explains in brief what’s behind Poppy.

We are curious to see if Poppy it creates in the Mainstream to go, and whether this impacts on the price of TRON will be noticeable. From yesterday’s price crash was TRON also affected and recorded within the last 24 a Kursrückang of 1.57 per cent on a price of 0.022 USD.


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