Ethereum Price Analysis: Technical Indicators Recommend ETH Sells


Ethereum Price Analysis: Technical Indicators Recommend ETH Sells

Though liquidity is building, there are limitations for further upsides as ETH consolidates. Unless there are rallies above Sep highs and $250, our previous Ethereum trading plan is valid. For now, we recommend taking a neutral stand until our ETH trade conditions are met.

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DEXs are not as common as their centralized counterparts. Though exchanges as BitFinex are seeing benefits of spreading out and capturing demands on both ends, it will take time before ETHFinex registers high trading volumes. It’s in this realization that BitFinex are promoting ETHFinex across the three social media platforms and gifting away Ledger Nano s hardware wallets to winners.



 · Oct 8, 2018

We are giving away 2 Ledger Nano S! Simply send 1 ETH to… (kidding)

For the first time ever you can use a hardware wallet to trade with high liquidity at . To celebrate, we’re giving away branded @LedgerHQ wallets.

Follow & retweet for a chance to win!



We’re giving away 2 Ledgers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The contest above will run till Friday, October 12th, 12.00 PM UTC. Anyone is free to participate. This giveaway is not sponsored by Twitter, Ledger or any party besides Ethfinex.

11:33 AM – Oct 8, 2018

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In a tweet, they said the decision to market the platform was in no way a sponsored campaign. Instead they made it clear that the parent company BitFinex is behind the goodies. ETHFinex, as the prefix suggest, runs on-top of the Ethereum blockchain. Like BitFinex, users can still trade and benefit from some decentralization benefits as immutability and privacy. Besides, traders can still enjoy the benefits of on-chain trading activities since the DEX now support a couple of coins as TRX and fiat currency pairs as Euro and JPY.

In the meantime, Justin Sun claims that Odyssey 3.1 new launch will easily beat both Ethereum and EOS from two important planes: Speed and Cost. Through a tweet he said Tron will be 200 faster than Ethereum and 100 cheaper than EOS. All these three platforms are competing to commandeer the smart contracting world. But, Ethereum is time-tested and valuable second only to Bitcoin.

Raul Jordan@raulitojordan

I just published “Ethereum 2.0 Prysm Demo Release v0.0.0” … First Shasper client release! #ethereum #blockchain @prylabs

11:14 AM – Oct 3, 2018

Ethereum 2.0 Prysm Demo Release v0.0.0 – Prysmatic Labs – Medium

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Furthermore, Vitalik and other developers are planning on Ethereum 2.0. According to Vitalik, Ethereum “


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