Experts: no time-the near Blockchain Hype, but threatening Miner Die


While various crypto classes such as Litecoin , slowly but surely, finally recover, analysts warn against too much for the new years for the industry to expect. In particular, a new Hype should be avoided.

Good things come to those that wait – even in the success of the Blockchain?

The warning in front of a new Boom and the Hype around the Blockchain technology has arrived in the form of, for example, the German Bank, like some dismiss rather with a wink. Because large banks have ridiculed the crypto Trend since the beginning of Bitcoins, often. Nevertheless, the note of Deutsche Bank analysts Jochen Möbert, many of the Blockchain and crypto-projects would have already been lost shortly after the Start, in the Sand. A by no means unjustified evaluation.

Low rates bring Mining to its profitability

Möbert included in current Interviews less with a acute Hype of the Blockchain rather than a process, the custom of his time, the Revolution will finally have coverage. Its for the Broker DailyFX-working “colleague” Salah-Eddine Bouhmidi, on the other hand, however, very different concerns. The expert indicated that a real Miner to Die the threat – if the rates for Ethereum, Bitcoin and all the other Blockchain-based currencies at a certain minimum price level to stabilize. In the case of the bitcoin sees the brand at about $ 6,000. This is the price of the financially to use for Mining with electricity and Hardware cost for many miners is simply too high.

In the end, only a fraction of today’s active miners, and mining farms could remain. Whether a reduction in the Mining participants in the market are all negative, in addition to many insiders argue since the first massive price declines in the past few months.


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