Fall in prices of Cardano and the consequences of the 11. October


11. October was not a good day for Cardano and his numerous investors. The ADA rate suffered a large percentage of the crash within a day, and has stabilised in the past few days, only slowly. We look at the developments and the question of the future Cardanos. There is a justified hope for improvement?

Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis: Trends of October 5-11, 2018 https://t.co/3MjtXEBMv1 pic.twitter.com/TuChNrm3yj

— bloggers view (@bloggerviews_co) October 8, 2018

Cardano rate falls to below 7 cents

The price at the beginning of the 11. October in 0,087$, so the investors were surprised at the end of the day, if you had currencies have little experience with Crypto. The speech is from the digital money Cardano, the corners had to on that day in October, the largest percentage of crash since the beginning of January once. At the end of the day, the Cardano rate was only 0.074 to$ before the 12. October brought even a bigger minus. For the first time, ADA again fell under the brand of 0.07$. In November of 2017 was the last Time that the price moved on such a low Level. At that time, the state of the big crypto Boom and the record values of the rates of Bitcoin & co. first before and the large mass was not yet able to really do something with crypto money and Coins to start, let alone crypto-currencies to buy.

This Situation is now fundamentally different and crypto money is in the Mainstream, however, Cardano seems to be able to the price crisis, but not quite dropping, such as the development on the 11. October impressively. 12. October ended the currency finally, in the case of 0.074 to$, marriage, and remained stable since then and the mark of 7 cents no longer in step. Rather, it was 0,078$ on Monday, 15. In October, the highest value since the crash 11. October. So, where the many brokers and Exchanges offered currency developed in the near future and what are the reasons for the low flight lead?

I’m waiting for 33,000 South Korean Stores to accept $ADA as Payment on November 2018. @InputOutputHK@IOHK_Charles@Cardano @Cardano Foundation @emurgo_io pic.twitter.com/DpSXvFkZBQ

— HODL (@HodlBitcoin2020) 9 October 2018

Sign of hope or attack of$0.06?

Cardano, with a market capitalisation of around 1.93 billion $ in the Top-10 of the most popular crypto-currencies placed, but is still a comparatively small Element in the financial market, the traditional values, as well as the market leaders such as Ethereum and Bitcoin dominates. Therefore, it is especially of the major currencies, with a view always to the Bitcoin exchange rate . It is precisely here that the big Problem is, since Bitcoin broke in these October days and the lowest Rate since June/July of this year. First, if the price of the market leader again is crucial to the top developed, and the 6,000$ mark scratch, even with a significant increase in Cardano course to be expected.

Furthermore, the principle of supply and demand is, of course, also in the case of ADA. So who is interested currently in making a purchase of Cardano on our test winner eToro [Insert internal egate review page here] or a similar trading platform, you can do so easily. However, a Investment has according to the experts, only over a longer period of time. In principle, it may be worthwhile, however, to wait for an Investment even a little, to the further price development Cardanos, as well as the leading crypto to be seen in currencies. Extensive use in countries such as South Korea – see tweets above – can accelerate this process.


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