FATF wants to regulate until the summer of 2019 crypto market binding


For some readers the news is positive, other crypto users keep excessive regulatory action is more likely for the end of anonymity in Bitcoin and other currencies. It’s true that THE FATF wants to announce money laundering with new rules to step up the fight.

Money laundering control want to your create binding rules

Behind the FATF, the Financial Action Task Force. This is an international Supervisory authority, one of whose important duties, among other things, the implementation of laws in the fight against money laundering. Just in time for the weekend, gave the institution is now known, until June 2019, the first rules of their own develop to want, the Monitoring of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin , or Dash to allow . The authority is of the firm Conviction that, both for States as well as companies such as crypto-exchanges that allow trading digital, both regulated as well as licensed to be.

Criminals should be put out of business

Only the implementation of the money laundering laws is really workable in the future. Otherwise, the threat of the growth of the market is not only the increase of money laundering activities. Also, crypto-currencies could be even stronger for the financing of global terrorism. The regulation sees a need for the FATF to the same extent for firms that offer General services in connection with digital currencies, or even your own ICOs plan. ICOs were, not least, to the US Congress to again and again. Global rules are desperately needed, says the authority. It is planned the introduction of a black list. You should not allow limitations on market access for States that implement the rules and regulations and financial crime, opening the door.

In June, 2019, the authority wants to introduce clear Standards

Marshall Billingslea, in his capacity of President of the FATF President, announced that, by next summer, clear Standards are formulated, then the States of the world, controlled, and executed. The Task Force is the first international Institution to announce such rules. It may be seen with voltage, whether the implementation will actually get to said appointment. The constant further development of the crypto sector, for many years a problems for authorities. Many of the rules are to be, basically, repeatedly, precisely because the market is experiencing a constant change.


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