France: Bitcoin Scam costs investor EUR 31 million


Bitcoin Scam: The French financial Supervisory authority Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) has announced that since the beginning of this year, scammers are more than 700 crypto-investors of a total of 31 million Euro have eased. This is due to the blind FOMO, whether the Affected behavior.

At the latest, in December of last year, many of the crypto-interested vexed that you have not invested early in Bitcoin & co. From this feeling, to have an opportunity already missed, and the fear to miss the right time to jump on the lifting rocket to the moon again arose FOMO – Fear of missing out. This fear, however, should not lead to blind Investing, such as a review of the AMF now makes it clear.

Bitcoin-FOMO: A godsend

As the French newspaper Le Parisien on 5. October reportedthat since the beginning of this year, more than 700 investors in Bitcoin Scams in favor. The scammers were able to steal a total of 31 million euros. Accordingly, the Dupes had lost an average of about 44,000 euros – no Peanuts. Professional-looking Websites, the investors were promised their savings by investing in crypto-currencies, and large-scale advertising campaigns were the tool of scammers. While the investors believed their money in Bitcoin & co., migrated to the money, however, without further ADO, to the accounts of Criminals.

Bitcoin lawyer expresses

The lawyer in Me Hélène Féron-Poloni has supervised numerous then robbing investors. The Paris newspaper, she explained:

“Bitcoin is very complex, very technical. Savers do not necessarily understand what is happening, but simply: This Time, I don’t miss the opportunity to make money.“

Bona fide investors transmissions without prior knowledge, thoughtless and by the FOMO-thoughts, are a godsend for crypto scammers. The AMF stresses, they are also always “professional”. The websites and ads, you will not see that you are real. Accordingly, it is to inform yourself before investing in Bitcoin & co. thoroughly, to draw the relevant specialist literature and not the FOMO-wear glasses.



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