Get Litecoin-founder Lee now at Monero?


Still after the exit of founder Charlie Lee and his Litecoin (LTC) smacks of a thread. Lee deserved this exit a million, he led according to his own statements – only to make the LTC independently. Lee is now said to have interest in Monero.

Cryptocoin News: get Litecoin-founder Lee now at Monero?

Still, Lee is involved in the development of Litecoin, but the Token sale of the LTC is not only rich, but also independent. So Charlie Lee has his fingers in crypto coins in the game, which are derived from Litecoin, and most recently, he has expressed even an interest in Monero to enter.

The Coin with a focus on anonymity and security is considered to be a solid Coin with a serious Background. The development Team had a meeting last publicly on Twitter with Lee, and it was not long until speculation that Lee might want to Monero involved.

The Form In which an entry would be possible, and whether this fresh capital could be made available is yet unknown. Nevertheless, Monero obtained by the rumors more media attention.


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