Green Bitcoin: Spanish crypto-Miner, rely on solar energy


In Seville, a 300-Megawatt solar farm, which will ensure that Bitcoin is mined with clean energy. Can projects like this to solve the Problem of high energy consumption of Bitcoin & co.?

Green Bitcoin: The Spanish crypto-Mining-company crypto solar tech has a Statement published in the cooperation with the Chinese solar cell manufacturer Risen Energy, and its Spanish offshoot Risen Energy Spain, has announced. In Seville right now, the gun will fall for the construction of a photovoltaic plant, which will allow Green Mining of Bitcoin. The installed solar cells to deliver after the completion of several construction phases of 300 megawatts of solar energy, and thus crypto solartechs ASICs fueling.

“The first Phase of the construction of three photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 45 MW in the province of Seville. This will provide the cryptocurrency farms with electricity capacity of 5 MW and 9 MW. The Mining farms are currently under construction and will be in Malaga.“

Risen Energy Spain is responsible for detailed planning and control, procurement and execution of construction and installation work (EPC) of solar plants. In addition, crypto solar tech announced that the collaboration with the solar company is not limited thereto. Instead, there will be a further cooperation in terms of research and development at Blockchain and IoT technology.

The Blockchain-Energy Problem

The Problem of energy supply for Blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have moved in the last year into the public consciousness. For the Mining of new Bitcoin professional cryptocurrency build miner whole computer farms, the power must be supplied. How much energy, exactly, the Farming consumed, it is difficult to determine. Pessimistic analyses, such as that of Alex de Vries, assume that the crypto-consumption of energy, soon the energy consumption of countries such as Austria exceed. Crypto-enthusiasts holding, among other things, however, that the receipt of Fiat currencies consumes a lot more energy, because monetary and financial institutions need to be entertained, more and more currencies for Crypto is necessary.

Green Mining is the solution?

It is also a fact that the Problem is the energy consumption, but the global CO2 emissions caused by the consumption of fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas. If crypto-Miner increasingly on renewable energies such as Solar and Wind, would be more than just the Blockchain helped. From the construction of new solar plants in countries where coal, Gas and Oil prevail, could also benefit the people of clean energy. At the same time, these new consumers of energy, could create more incentives to drive the Development of appropriate infrastructure to the front. Currently, it is in many areas still to expensive to switch to solar power, through the Green Mining in Seville could, however, change it soon.



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