Industry survey shows that Start-ups recognize the increasingly Use Blockchain


The Numbers of two current Bitkom surveys skeptics as well as optimistic Blockchain-Fans, as a confirmation to see. Because a few Start-ups relatively in Germany, this technology of the future. But the number of users and, above all, the interest is growing consistently. The success seems to be programmed.

Startups and established companies are of a different opinion

The industry Association Bitkom has given a survey of the opinions of German Start-ups on the subject of the Blockchain in order. In total, were interviewed in the framework of this evaluation a total of 302 newly established company. You already have the Blockchain? What do you think of this approach, and you will drag this in the future also be considered for the own business model? These and similar questions were asked of the managers at the companies in the IT and Internet industry. At the same time, the experts from Bitkom Research conducted a telephone survey among the boards of Directors and managements of the 604 companies that employ more than 20 employees.

Increasing awareness of the importance of the Blockchain

The results on the bottom line, at least due to hope. Questions about currencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin were not provided. The use of crypto-currencies, it was not so, the focus is on the Blockchain stand alone. So far, access only six percent of German Start-ups on the technology. In comparison, the Blockchain in the case of established companies with 20 or more employees will almost never see use, as the second survey showed. 27 percent of the survey participants from the Start-up industry are talking internally about a possible entry or are already in the planning phase.

New business identify opportunities even more

In the case of the other companies, 53 percent of the participating CEOs and boards of Directors are of the opinion, however, the Blockchain will in the future be in competition is an important criterion for German companies. The value for Start-ups is even 63 percent. In view of these prospects of the Blockchain for digital contracts and to Create strong chains about Smart Contracts and other features of the technology of delivery, it is still surprising that, for example, the number of Start-ups, the use of the Blockchain, either now or in the planning into account, only about a third of all start-UPS plays a role.


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