IOTA: Digital identity and the Tangle


The IOTA Foundation has announced a new partnership. So you want to bring your efforts in the area of Smart Homes and digital identity. With IAMPASS the areas of Digital identity, Smart Cities and IOTAs Tangle better.

Digital identity, Internet of Things and Smart Homes – these are the key words when it comes to our digital future. The IOTA Foundation wants to provide you with your Tangle for the technical infrastructure, is likely to most of the crypto-Interested, in the meantime, be a term. With a new partnership, this goal is to back a few Bytes closer.

A dream for a data collector

So the Tangle will soon be the basis for a new Identifikationssytem. A dream for all data collectors: based on the vein patterns in the palm of your hand people are identified, properly registered and on the Tangle are digitally displayed. With IAMPASS all of this to be possible, it is expected to be a safe and tamper-proof figure of identity data.


Watch this Video on YouTube.

IAMPASS: IOTAs Tangle as the basis for Smart Cities

In connection with Smart Cities the project thinks more. So it should be a process called Masked Authenticiated Messaging is possible smart cars, digital account charge. The announced IOTA recently on a blog post.

The benefits of a decentralised management of the identity of the Hand. The distribution is away from centralized Data to distributed individual nodes to make the identification easier.

Toan Nguyen, Director of Business Development & Cloud Platform IAMPASS:

“The Distributed Ledger technologies are a key part of new initiatives in the area of Smart Cities and digitalization. This is especially true in relation to data management and security. The Tangle of IOTA is well-suited for the emerging security applications in digital identity and personal data. Together, we expect that the IOTA-Ecosystem and IAMPASS will contribute to the next Phase of the digital identity management for highly secure environments such as data centers and the Smart City.“

If the plans of IAMPASS rise so it will soon be possible to identify, on the basis of the arrangement of the veins on the palm of your hand, be a smart car to recharge, and to let him into the fully-networked smart home to. (Provided that the necessary money is there).



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