Justin Sun: Tron transaction fees to reach Zero


The CEO and founder of Tron, Justin Sun, recently announced on Twitter that the fee for the transaction to the decentralized stock market TRX Market on 14. December has decreased on 0,1%. In addition, the good news was reinforced, as the stated that the TRX-Ecosystem could reach up to next Friday, a transaction fee of Zero.

Breaking News! 📢📢📢

The transaction fee of #TRXMarket has dropped to 0.1% at 07:00(UTC) on Dec 14th! 👏👏 And 0 transaction fee will be realized by next Friday, go trade: @ https://t.co/tflRhfOusM tele: https://t.co/TjFjcXhsk2 #TRON $TRX @justinsuntron @Tronfoundation

— TRXMarket (@TRX_Market) December 14, 2018

But this is not the only progress we can point to the TRX-Ecosystem currently. In last week’s report from the Tron Foundation, it was found that the TRC20 Exchange of Tron is finally launched. In addition, it was noted in the report that with the help of Tronscan can be observed that, in the meantime, 9 TRC20-tokens were listed on Tronscan, where most of the projects dApp-are Token.

Currently, there are currently two types of remote exchanges to the Tron platform and are already live, and of the Tron Community were created. A TRX Market is, the other Exchange is GOC. TRX Market was on 12. December started, and it supports multiple tokens: GOC, BET and FUN. GOC is the first TRC20 and TRC10-Exchange of Tron, where TRC10 means that the stock market on Bancor – based.

In addition, the Tron network, reached on may 13. December a further milestone: It recorded was 2.53 million transactions in a day, and an address recorded in the same period, growth of 32.293 new addresses, such as Justin Sun said:

#TRON breaks two records today! 2.53 MM Txs per day and 32,284 daily increase address! More developers from #EOS and #ETH have migrated to TRON! #TRX $TRX pic.twitter.com/6siaP4hw61

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) December 14, 2018

In the case of test of Tronscan, we can conclude that the number of daily transactions is currently over 2.6 million.

What’s next for Tron?

The end of the year 2018 approaches and the end of the current bear market is not in sight. The Outlook for the Tron network, however, is something positive. Decoupled from the price of the Tron project will continue to grow, as it has to expand its reach in the developer and investor community in the past few months, continuously, around the world.

Through the creation of DApps on the platform and regular Meetups, the development progress is constant, where Tron is in the dApp-development in strong competition with the Ethereum block Chain. This competition does not seem to shy away from Tron. So Justin has Sun in the past, Often the developer, the dApp projects of Ethereum to Tron Blockchain to migrate.


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