Ledger and Crypto.com against future cooperation


With the above-mentioned service providers, two heavyweights of the crypto market have gone against each other. A partnership to make crypto payments in the home of the Ledger is more flexible and cheaper.

European-Asian Team Wallet is to simplify payments

The company Ledger is many users, especially as a supplier of Wallets are known, in particular, the Hardware Wallets, since 2014, the existing company are in use around the world. And cut also in the Hardware Wallet Test regularly with top grades. Now the service provider that also develops security technologies for the crypto sector, announced a new strategic collaboration with crypto.com . Said Partner is also a provider of a Wallet, for trading with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies to be used. In addition, the company is headquartered in Hong Kong credit cards.

Chain technology to keep in the Ledger-store collection

In the case of cooperation, however, the Crypto.com Chain, as both companies reported in their published agreement. Background of the notification, the integration of the service crypto.com Pay in the Ledger platform and in the online shop of the French corporate Ledger. The Payment option is based on the Blockchain of the new Ledger-partner. For Ledger customers, this is without question more comfortable, because another payment method is provided. Due to the extensive activities of Crypto.com in Asia, the European Partner opens up, also, in a way, an additional market. The customer of the reasons for this will be no matter.

In the future, Wallets and other items in the wish-pay currency

They will rather rejoice that in the future with your favorite crypto-currencies of Ethereum to Ripple Wallets, and other Ledger-products to buy and can pay. By the way, also the special Crypto.com Wallet & Card App, the transactions via QR-Code allows. Advantageously, the new Service should be especially to Crypto.com Pay to reduce the transaction fees, the bonus points for that curls via a Rewards program. It is unknown yet exactly when the Integration will be completed successfully. We stay on the Ball.


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