Litecoin – the crypto-currency?


After the enormous price fluctuations of the largest crypto currencies is slowly but surely leveling seem, is Litecoin still in dry towels. The crypto-currency, is based on a System that is almost identical to Bitcoin, you had to at 11. October a strong price loss. How to do it with Litecoin, probably more, you can find here.

EOS, Litecoin, Stellar Register Double Digit Losses

— HitCrypt News (@HitcryptN) 12. October 2018

The history of Litecoin

As cheap variant to transfer money quickly and easily, is Litecoin, a popular crypto-currency. With a market capitalization of currently 3,146 billion dollars is one Litecoin to the ten strongest crypto-currencies of the world and investment in Litecoin are still a popular investment option. Instabilities in the course can provide uncertainty for some investors, the Team around Litecoin is, however, not to worry about it.

The rate developments and the associated purchase of crypto-currencies is a tedious process that is mostly influenced by certain announcements and News. So can not only affect negative or positive news about Litecoin in the course, but also news to other currencies have an impact, as investors will be encouraged to Switch, or want to Purchase. Also, the range of exchanges and well-known brokers such as eToro affects the confidence of buyers in a currency. eToro offers such as Litecoin to trade, the purchase of the IOTA is there, but, again, not possible. Many buyers rely on the selection of your Advisor, what has also an impact on the currency.

Litecoin will stabilise over 50,00 Dollar gather strength for new recovery boost

— FXStreet Germany (@FXStreetnewsde) 12. October 2018

Litecoin News

Some of the notices have had in the last few months, had an important influence on the future of Litecoin. So Reddit engineer Christopher Slowe announced, for example, that Litecoin is withdrawn as soon as a means of payment for the Gold membership in account. Also, Ethereum, and Bitcoin will be offered, although the payment option with Bitcoin was deactivated in March 2018. As a basic Slowe announced problems with the payments, this should no longer occur with the new implementation of the functions. Although the payment function of Reddit is not a million-dollar business, but especially for the Community of great importance.

As one of the most important forums for the discussion of crypto-currencies Reddit is deeply embedded in the crypto-Community, and such a positioning and a concrete decision for a few currencies, says a lot about the opinions of the individual buyer. The 11 Tweets by founder Charlie Lee in the last month offset the price of Litecoin a Boost. He spoke on the liquidity of the token and the further development of the currency. He stressed the importance of Litecoin as a Testnet Bitcoin.

And of course, the technical, close-to-Bitcoin has been a positive influence on the price of Litecoin. The trust in the strongest crypto-currency in the world is still unchallenged and Litecoin offers a faster process for Transfers and lower transaction fees. Currently, the price of Litecoin is 46,35 EUR per Token (status: 13.October 2018). Thus, the value in the course of 24 hours has increased by 1,69%, indicating a steady recovery of the course.

After the price of Litecoin on 11. October had to get over a great loss, he seems to develop in the last two days, again uphill. On the year as a whole, lowers the course, however, slowly, more and more. Nevertheless, Litecoin holds it own among the ten strongest crypto-currencies, and investors still believe in the Bitcoin-twin.


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