Maple change hacked or was it all just a SCAM?


The canadian Cryptocoin exchange maple change announced the day before yesterday, to have to cease operations. According to the stock exchange, it was due to a bug, a Hack, in which the full resources of the stock exchange fell into the hands of hackers – from the outside everything looks like a fraud the stock exchange itself.

Cryptocoin News: maple change hacked or was it all just a SCAM?

Maple change shows why we should, in the first line only on larger exchanges. There are just too many scammers among the small providers.

Officially it is not yet a case of fraud. The stock exchange maple change was that she had been attacked by hackers, with Bitcoin in the value of 6 million US dollars are lost. The result: The stock market can no longer maintain operation, and goes from the network to the User stay with the loss alone.

Many believe, however, that the stock exchange itself have staged a Hack and put behind the theft. So maple change is known, no detailed info on the Hack, and announced at the same time intensive studies, and its withdrawal. With the withdrawal of all Social Media Accounts will be closed. In addition, the man could be put behind the stock market, meanwhile, with at least one other case of fraud.


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