Maximum value with over 51,000 active dApp users in the EOS network


Over 51,000 active dApp-users on a day has seen the EOS network until recently. A record was set, contributed to the Ethereum network of 15,000 active users. Concentrated most of the users, and what developments are in the future expected?

There were over 65,000 active users on the ETH and EOS dApps yesterday, a new all-time high for dApp traffic

51,000+ on EOS
15,000+ on ETH

45,000+ of those users were using gambling-related dApps

For reference, crypto kitties briefly hit 10,000 DAUs shortly after launch

— Kevin Rooke (@kerooke) 9 October 2018

dApps with gambling-related offers on most of the users

Unprecedented values, the person in charge of the EOS network, cheer, and look positively into the future. As the well-known crypto-analyst Kevin Rook published citing DappRadar on Twitter, was the 9. October a record day in the history of the EOS network. Over 51,000 users in a single day in the related dApps active. In the case of dApps are decentralised applications that are in the network of the respective company. Since only the Backend Code is in the network, it may be in the dApps to any of the applications. In the case of EOS, it was mainly dApps with gambling-related that there were increasing numbers of users.

Together with the Ethereum network, as well over 15,000 active dApp users to record contributed, were 70% of those Involved in the gambling associated with it. The Top-3 of the by EOS users pre dApps conformed to all of the Genre. It is BetDice, which attracted almost 14,000 people, an impressive number, Se7ens (11.772) and EOS.Win (7.183). With EOSPlay Lottery & Dice, as well as EOSBet two more gambling-dApps among the Top were placed-7 applications. On the side of Ethereum, it is a much more questionable application that has secured the top spot: quite right 333ETH is classified as a “High Risk”, if you will of the behind-the-dApp the snow ball system. In addition, with IDEX and ForkDelta two Exchanges, which on 9. October 2018 and could crack the 1,000 users in 24 hours.

Purchased my first @crypto kitties!

Anyone else have any #crypto kitties? If so, show me! #Crypto games #block-chain games

— Lt Zonda [SC] (@LTZONDA) 1 October 2018

Gaming dApps in the retreat

Striking is especially the hardly Gaming-dApps will find at the top are after it for a long time in crypto-circles well-known crypto kitties to the top of the rankings is made. In the Ethereum network, the dApp currently, only around 400 users a day. A disappointing value for the game, the figures shortly after its release on active users of over 10,000 on the day looked up, and was one of its boom times of over 14,000 Users. Even in the Ethereum network crypto was overtaken kitties in the meantime, two competitors. Hyper dragons, with just under 600 users to rank 5, while Etheremon follows with exactly 500 users on place 7. In September, three Gaming dApps were still among the Top-5.

On the part of EOS, we find its only a game, among the 17 most-used dApps. This is the sixth EOS Knights. During the record day 1.790 users wanted to play the Game, the tendency is, generally, in the case of competitors falling. With a market capitalization of over 4.8 billion USD is EOS currently the fifth largest crypto-currency in the world assessed. Ethereum is approximately 20.6 billion USD on rank 2.


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