New warning-Mining Malware in the Flash Player


Recently, it was reported about Malware in the context with some Media players. Now the service provider Palo Alto Networks indicates a further Problem, which occurs in the course of the Installation of an update for the Adobe Flash Player. Here, too, is a crypto-Malware, is a fake and that of potential Victims is often not recognized.

Flash users should exercise caution

The Flash-Player from Adobe is installed on many computers. Not only Users, even buy Bitcoin , or mines, should therefore be attentive. The insidious in this particular case, is the fact that the update on the first glance, actually serves the safety of the users. Enigmatic, but the Format will be installed XMRig – the crypto-Miner deprives users of part of the resources of the respective system, such as the warnings make it clear. Often, the campaigns to go unnoticed-installed variants for the affected systems is not apparent. The Malware in this case, in the context of a legitimate Update activity on the System ends up, accordingly, a certain amount of exception. The malicious software is installed.

Regular Update is the starting point of the Malware Installation

Particularly with this is, once again, that system users can hardly to recognize, what is the purpose of the maneuver followed exactly. Brand new, the practice is not, of course. But that pre-play, it was an indispensable Update offer occurs rather rare. The Adobe Flash Player is in fact affected by the technical sticking points as a result of the Installation of the System update, so that the safety conditions are improved. The Dilemma is that the crypto-Miner is about to land on the Windows-based computer. The Name of the Software carries the additional name “AdobeFlashPlayer_”, as the experts announced. Adobe is involved in this Update process. For the User this means: As a victim of the Miners of the CPU memory will be used in part otherwise.

Massive power can occur restrictions

The operation represents for the System itself is not a significant Problem. As so often, when Malware is hidden installed. The capacity of the memory can be thereby to a value below 90% is reduced, the life of the batteries decreases as well. Not only stationary computers, and mobile devices with Flash Player placement may be affected. It is one of the many messages of this type in the year 2018.


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