Newflash: Coinbase Earn, Bithumb manipulation allegations, Bitcoin Cash increases about 40%


Coinbase recently announced the Coinbase-Earn-program, the user is 0x Token (ZRX) can earn, while you relax and watch Videos, and quiz questions to crypto and block chain issues. At this time the program only works on a recommendation basis, but everyone can watch the beginner videos on the website.

Coinbase has found in a survey in co-operation with eToro, the largest hurdle for those interested in crypto-currencies still lack of Knowledge all around is the theme. This knowledge gap was to face up to Coinbase and this is why Tutorials are ready to offer a wide range. Nevertheless, it must be said that the platform is supported by 0X and this Token appearance are very prominent, eg. there are instructional videos on the Peer-to-Peer Handl of 0x concentrate and Bitcoin only at the edge of mention.

Bithumb to have manipulated trading volume

The Korean stock exchange BIthumb is suspected to have the volume of trade manipultiert, to encourage such traders to trade on the stock exchange. In a study of Crypto Exchange Ranks (CE), it is claimed that Bithumb in the second Häflte of 2018 on the basis of the strong is to have prices fall optimized the trading volume of “”. According to the report, there are a number of irregular Patterns that indicate a corresponding Manipulation.

Currently, the facts will be reviewed the situation and the next steps prepared. The only stock exchanges, according to other Reports, not their trading volumes, “fake” are the Binance and Bitfinex.

Bitcoin Cash shows short-term 50% increase in

The crypto market has recovered in total, over the last few days. Almost all of the courses write green Pay, Bitcoin, Cash recorded the largest rate increase, with a 50% Plus within the last 24 hours at a price of 181,20€. The experts in the industry speculating what the reasons for this reversal. Some analysts describe the strong Support at the $ 3,000 level, the Bitcoin bounce. Joe DiPasquale, CEO of the crypto hegefonds BitBull Capital (freely translated):

Yes, the $ 3.000 Level of Support and a short Squeeze helped the Bitcoin price, there are also a lot of media coverage, in the Mark Dow of his Short Position, he opened, as Bitcoin is at around 19,000 USD.


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