Newsflash: Bitcoin has not reached the ground yet, the New listing Stellar, Cardano Update 1.4.


The prices of all crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, seem to continue to bleed and there is strong price waste. Experts from the industry have revised their annual forecasts, in part, due to the ongoing bear. Bobby Lee, Co-Founder of the crypto-exchange, BTCC, is of the opinion that Bitcoin may not have yet reached the bottom. After a further price drop from 6,500$ to 4,269,94$ investors could continue to wait, in order to obtain a particularly inexpensive entry-level opportunity in the crypto market. Lee would not be surprised if the price would continue to fall to 3,000$.

We are down >30% from $6,500 levels a few weeks ago. Selling momentum (panic?) has slowed & we’re bottoming out for this round. But I wouldn’t be surprised if $BTC eventually hits $3,000.
Most ppl want to wait to buy in at cheaper prices, but they would risk missing the bottom?

— Bobby Lee (@bobbyclee) 21. November 2018

Bitcoin bulls are happy about the correction, and hope that the current development of all the weak Long positions will be screened. Currently, it is not foreseeable how long the negative trend will continue.

New listing for Stellar lumen

In the United Arab Emirates located in the crypto exchange BitOasis has added Stellar lumen of their platform. As a special entry-special trade with Stellar is 0% trading fees up to and including 27.11.2018 possible. The stock exchange is open for the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

We are very pleased to announce that Stellar (XLM) is now available on our digital asset trading exchange platform with 0% trading fees until November 27th, 2018.

— BitOasis (@bitoasis) 20. November 2018

On the basis of the current market situation shows the price of Stellar lumen no response to this message. The market capitalization is just over the from Bitcoin to Cash, so that Stellar lumen has risen, with nearly$ 3.5 billion to the four largest crypto-currency.

Cardano Update 1.4. is satisfactory

The CEO of IOHK and founder of the crypto currency Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has surprised his Fans with a surprise AMA (Ask me anything) on Youtube and on the new developments of the Cardano Updates 1.4. reported. The progress of the update is going well, with the team of developers is currently in testing, but for the time being, no critical error (freely translated):

The Update 1.4 for Cardano is progressing well and we are currently in regression testing. We had a few regressions, but it was still found nothing Substantial and there is a lot of new Code. At the core of a lot of Refactoring has been performed, and we have found new database solutions, so that we have a lot of storage space, insufficient memory and so much more efficient.

When the Update is complete, all of the adjust all of the resources to be used for the Code for Ourobros, so that the focus can be directed. The complete AMA can the following be considered:


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