Port partnership: Antwerp and Abu Dhabi start a joint Blockchain-Pilot


In a unique harbour partnership, Antwerp and Abu Dhabi to secure the joint transport of goods in the future by using Distributed Ledger technology (DLT). A corresponding pilot project in the port of daughter Maqta gateway on your Website. The project will help in the future, supply chains in the container transport to monitor and to make this more efficient. Meanwhile, the Blockchain technology will establish itself in the logistics industry trend.

Abu Dhabi is one of the main focal points of the Arab goods and especially Oil transportation to Europe. A port of a partnership between the Emirate and Antwerp, the second largest container port in Europe, aims to ensure that, in future, everything arrives exactly as it was shipped to the United Arab Emirates.

Nearly three weeks of travel, on the go in addition to the loading, Transport and documentation, some of it wrong and much could be made more efficient takes. In the recent press release of the Arab port daughter Maqta Gatesways is, the Blockchain platform Silsal now may make all the difference.

Silsal is to help keep track of supply chains to optimize trade flows and reduce costs.

Noura Al Dhaheri, managing Director of Maqta Gateway, is convinced that the common thrust of the ports:

“The fact that we bring in, the first Blockchain-solution between Abu-Dhabi and in the world, is a special Moment for us. With a determined development work and testing, our experts work on it, […] to ensure a fast, reliable and secure trading.“

Has the Emirate with one goal in mind: the economic vision 2030. Until then, you want to push trading in particular and in the ranks of the world economy, catch up. Already today, Abu Dhabi is one of the richest countries in the world. Because the Emirate has nearly a tenth of global Oil reserves. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, the crown Prince and President, wants to set up his country’s economy, however, wider and long-term regardless of the Oil.

Logistics industry looks to the Blockchain on the rise

Meanwhile, the Blockchain is fast in logistics, the trend in the industry. More and more companies are testing DLT solutions to secure their supply and transport chains.

While the port of Antwerp last year announced had, Blockchain Software for container logistics in the view to take, provided the Hong Kong shipping company OOCL in July this year for headlines. Together with the Australian Commonwealth Bank (CBA), the company managed by using an Ethereum-a Blockchain 17 tons of almonds a fully automated and traceable from the Australian Victoria to Hamburg to shipping.

As a recent push in the industry announced Singapore’s leading Container shipowner Pacific International Lines (PIL) at the beginning of the month , in the future, digital Blockchain-bills of lading in its supply chains use to want. Other Blockchain projects being, in turn, in the compartments of the industry giants, such as UPS, Maersk and FedEx.



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