Progressive Blockchain Projects 2019


Progressive Blockchain Projects 2019


The crypto industry is currently at the peak of its popularity, which allows it to develop rapidly, become larger and increasingly important in the world. Just five years ago, nobody could imagine that this sphere of activity would have such a great impact on a number of social processes. And now no one is surprised by having crypto currency in their digital wallets — the decentralized Blockchain steadily becomes part of our life.

Moreover, whereas in the past Blockchain was used only for operations with digital currency, now it is integrated into various spheres, from finance to politics, education, medicine and art. The unique characteristics of this technology allow the humankind to enter a new level of evolution and to make a lot of breakthroughs.

The Blockchain industry is a relatively new direction, and many talented developers consider this sphere to be a promising platform for implementing their unique ideas, which can fundamentally change the global system of relationships. And today, many of these ideas have already been successfully realized or are currently being actively developed. We would like to mention new and the most interesting ones of them.

For example, the creation of a large-scale FinTech sandbox, which functions in the field of cross-border payments and other segments of financial technologies, is being discussed in the UK at the governmental level. The main goal of the project is to regulate issues related to digital services and finance as well as to solve problems in the field of initial coin offerings (ICOs). Eleven countries, including the USA, Australia, Singapore and the UAE, started working on the project. Accountability of modern financial technologies to regulatory authorities is a confident step forward, and not every country is ready to make such a decision at this moment.

Another interesting project is the Bitbon System, which is developed in Ukraine, and whose concept also has to do with the real sector of economy and finance. Ukraine is a country open to innovations: one of the first bills related to regulation of crypto currency, installation of crypto terminals and free exchange of digital currency for fiat money emerged there. Furthermore, the law allowing people to use digital money to pay for products on the Bessarabian market has already come into force in the capital. Since July, 2018, the government of the country has been testing a Blockchain-based voting system and plans to implement it into the current social and economic system in the future.

The Blockchain technology is the basis for all crypto currency projects. This also applies to the Bitbon System. This digital platform provides its users with conditions for carrying out free transactions, purchase, sale, exchange, conclusion of agreements, business operations etc. But the uniqueness of the Bitbon System lies in a fundamentally new investment technology — Contributing. Contributing gives almost every participant, even with minimum initial capital, an opportunity to multiply their savings by financing commercial projects. In addition, within the context of Contributing, each user can implement his or her own project with minimal costs. The platform is premised on legal support of specialists, business plan development, audit and supervision of fulfillment of the project conditions by both parties. There are some similarities between the Bitbon System and ICOs, but unlike ICOs, where nobody is financially responsible for the money contributed by an investor, the Bitbon System participants are legally protected.

When it comes to the number of crypto developments, South Korea does not stay behind, but special attention was given to the platform for digital vouchers. The telecommunication company (KT) and Shinhan Bank are working together on this project. The main goal of the platform is to revive the economy of the regions that need help. It will allow maintaining and improving infrastructure of the republic, which is likely to have an influence on the living standards of the Koreans.

And these are not all the innovations, which are being developed and will be developed by modern society. The world is only starting to get acquainted with Blockchain and discover its limitless potential. The next historical step — the era of decentralized digital technologies — is formed before our eyes.



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