Ripple unveils new financial institution, the xRapid uses, and can attract new partners


Ripple’s software solutions, xCurrent, and xRapid find more and more users around the world. Ripple has revealed in a compilation of different sets on xRapid and its benefits. Furthermore, another great payment service provider RippleNet yesterday.

Ripple’s list of partners is long, but there has been only 3 companies to make use of the officially known were xRapid. In a new Overview of the Software and its potential, was surprisingly called the company Viamericas (freely translated):

Global payment provider, such as Viamericas, Cuallix, IDT, MercuryFX and other benefits xRapid, in order to reduce their liquidity costs significantly and to send real-time payments – an Industry first.

With xRapid customers have saved by RippleNet up to 70 percent of the typical cost of a transaction. The XRP-processing is carried out in only three to five seconds.

Ripple had xRapid at the recent crypto conference Swell 2018 in San Francisco as a commercial product is presented. Viamericas is one of the largest payment service provider in the United States, with more than 76 000 locations. The company is present in over 29 countries.

Regardless of another heavy weight of the financial industry yesterday joined the RippleNet. MoneynetInt has joined the network, in order to exploit the opportunities and potential of block chain technology.

As of today, we are proud to announce that @MoneyNetInt has joined #RippleNet ! Joining @Ripple and their Global Payment Network will allow us to process customers’ #payments anywhere in the world #instantly , #reliably & cost-effectively! #fintech #ecommerce #payment solutions

— MoneyNetInt (@MoneyNetInt) 16. October 2018

The company sees this step as an enrichment for your customers, since both costs and transaction times can be reduced (freely translated):

For Moneynetint the cooperation is a big step in the ability of their customers to offer advanced services, by creating additional corridors and facilities that were not in the past available, or for which they had no reliable or cheap solution. Exposure to a wider customer base while minimizing the risks is an important step.

Moneynetint is a payment service provider from great Britain that offers both individuals and companies the Option to send money around the world at low cost.

The RippleNet is growing further and clearly shows that more and more companies have recognized the need to throw the old traditional technologies and the Blockchain as a promising new discovery a try.

We are excited to be able to what are the further developments in this area may be observed. The price of Ripple recorded within the last 24 hours, a minimum rate increase of + 4.12 percent at a price of 0,4096 Euro.


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