Ripple’s XRP is the new Standard in the crypto universe?


The ongoing price crash raises many new issues in the space, whether Bitcoin is the reserve currency of the world. XRP refurbished recently, Ethereum significantly, after a rapid price increase in recent weeks. Some XRP Supporter to keep it even realistic that XRP Bitcoin will replace in the next year.

Almost all of the digital currencies of the Top 20, Tether except for losses in the double-digit range. Especially hard has it here, Bitcoin is Cash made after the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork is a delicate matter. Solely XRP has coped with the rate of waste “relatively” well and tends to be within the last 24 sideways with a gain of 0.38 percent.

On the basis of these events XRP-bulls pushed to ask the question, if XRP can be the new Standard in the crypto space. Fans of the currency languages, for the introduction of XRP as base currency to one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, Binance.

The higher $XRP climbs the more I am certain it will flip $BTC in 2019.

Very obvious this will be our new crypto standard.

Hard to accept for many but so what bitcoin back in 2010

— ??????? ? 01 (@Crypto_Bitlord) 18. November 2018

It’s coming!!! #xrp #xrpthestandard #ripple #xrpcommunity #XRPcommunity

— FirePower (@FirePowerFP) 17. November 2018

Ripple critics see to open the questions of whether XRP should be classified as securities. In this process, there is still no final judgment, so that this heated debate will continue to draw your circles on an international stage.

For XRP not to be a security, it will need to be a real utility offer. IF something is exchanged with expectations of profit, it is not a utility token.

XRP is a tradable good that is sold under the expectation of profit. That in itself makes it a security.

— Dr Craig S Wright (@Prof Faustus) 18. November 2018

The Performance of XRP defies the current market trend and the stable Bitcoin continues to lose market capitalization. However, it is too early to claim that XRP Bitcoin will replace. The adaptation of XRP in the banking sector is rising by the week, but you have XRP to the same extent as a base trading pair on many crypto exchanges are introduced, XRP, Bitcoin can long-term replace.


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